Regenerating intimate care

Intimate care for dry, itching skin & Lichen sclerosus
Regular care regenerates & stabilizes the state of the skin
For highly sensitive skin

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THYMUSKIN® SCLERO discret for the skin care of the intimate area

Already in the late twenties, the speed of cell division decreases and the skin loses elasticity. The dry skin is often prone to redness and itching, it becomes increasingly thinner and more sensitive. Regular care with Thymuskin Sclero discret reduces itching, stabilises, regenerates and normalises the skin condition.

Clinically tested effectiveness

An application observation of the skin clinic Darmstadt showed hopeful results of an accompanying therapy with animal-free thymus peptides:

Thymuskin Sclero discret showed a reduction in itching, burning and also sclerosis in over 71% of cases. Relapse-free intervals could thus be prolonged. Local side effects were not observed.1.

The company's own research in the dermatological and cosmetic field began in 1976 and has launched numerous innovations and patents to date.

A dossier of clinical studies on Thymuskin Sclero discret is available for professionals to view (

Treatment and care of genital Lichen sclerosus1

Optimum care of the intimate zone between the bouts

In the relapse-free intervals, local care plays a decisive role. Sclero discret proves to be optimal skin care for the intimate area in the case of genital lichen sclerosus in women and men (pimosis).

With regard to a possible skin-irritating effect, Sclero discret has been classified as harmless even on very sensitive skin. The product is free from parabens, dyes and perfume. Contains thymic peptides of non-animal origin.

The gentle alternative

free from cortisone
free of parabens
free of dyestuff & perfume
non-animal thymic peptides

Innovative thymic peptide technology

The GKL-02 thymic peptide complex contained in Thymuskin Sclero discret creme has regenerating care properties. It has a skin-caring and regenerating effect on the upper layers of the skin.

Highly effective – no side effects

Thymuskin Sclero discret combines effective intimate care with good tolerability.

Good results, compared to calcineurin inhibitors, were made with a thymus-peptide complex (Thymuskin Sclero discret intimate care cream). 2

For use in women, men & children from 3 years of age.

Thymuskin Sclero discret 50 ml

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As required, apply Thymuskin Sclero discret to the affected areas and rub in gently.

Thymuskin Sclero discret suitable for external application during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as for children aged 3 and up. The application is very well tolerated when used as directed.


Please refrain from using condoms at the same time as protection may be compromised.

Ingredients THYMUSKIN® SCLERO discret

1 M. Hagedorn, S. Polley, E. Hasche: Treatment and care of genital lichen sclerosus, 2008
2 Encyclopedia of Dermatology, Allergy, Environmental medicine, Altmeyer & Paech 2010