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Sabrina X


I suffer from lichen sclerosis. I came across this beneficial cream 3 months ago. Since then I have been using it several times a day. The burning and itching in my intimate area are considerably relieved.
Unfortunately, the price is very high.

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I have been using the ointment "Sclero discret creme" for several years and have had very good experiences with it.
It helps me very well and I can keep the lichen sclerosus et atrophicus at bay.
The skin is kept softer and more elastic by the ointment. Itching and burning are suppressed. Inflammatory processes occur less frequently.
I can highly recommend "Sclero discret creme".

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...By the way, I came across your hair products because I actually wanted to find out more about Thymuskin Discret cream. I suffer from lichen sclerosis and was recommended the cream by my gynaecologist. It works very well for me.

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I myself have been using Sclero Discret cream for a long time for my genital lichen sclerosis and with great success.

My husband has anal fissures due to his chronic bowel disease, these are associated with severe pain and itching. He has been given several ointments for this, with and without cortisone, none of which have helped him. Since lichen sclerosis is also small cracks that get inflamed, my husband finally tried my favourite cream Sclero. After a few days he had less problems. Then after a few weeks the application almost healed the fissures completely. He now has no more pain and no itching. Even his proctologist is enthusiastic about the cream because of the healing.

My husband and I continue to use the Sclero cream daily with great success and gratitude. We no longer need cortisone or any other ointments or suppositories.

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I hope you are well. Everything is fine with me so far. I finally went back to my gynaecologist and showed him the Sclero discret ointment and explained to him how much this ointment helps me. He wrote down all the information about it and at my results meeting today (everything was great) he told me that he had researched the ointment and was enthusiastic about it. He will recommend it to some patients, especially since I raved about it so much. Because I could no longer do without my ointment.
I think and hope that the patients will follow his advice.

Many kind regards and good health

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I have lichen sclerosus and bought the Thymusskin Sclero discret cream for intimate care. When I applied the cream, it caused a burning sensation on my mucous membrane. I contacted the manufacturer by e-mail and received an immediate reply. I was sent samples of the same cream, but with a new batch number. These samples did not cause any burning sensation when applied, but felt soothing, calming and gentle. A lovely cream for my painful problem . I have since been able to stop my cortisone. I have written a few times with a very friendly, helpful and understanding staff member. Everything was explained to me in detail and I even received (once) a Thymuskin cream with the new batch number. I am extremely happy with the Thymuskin cream and also with the manufacturer's staff. This cream is definitely my constant "companion". Thank you again.......

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Tanja B.


This cream came to my attention by chance and I ordered it despite the relatively high price. Since I have been suffering from LS for 8 years, I have tried a lot of skin care creams and none of them convinced me.

I am absolutely thrilled with it (it does burn a little at first, but that subsides immediately), because it cares for the skin without making it "sticky". After a while, I was even able to reduce my cortisone cream. My skin in the intimate area feels really good and well cared for without itching any more. The cream is very economical.

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I am affected by lichen sclerosus and was born in 1950. For about 10 years I have been taking * 0.03 sparingly, at first twice a day, it burns a bit at first, but with time it gets much better. And in the meantime I only take it when the inflammation is massive. This is especially the case when the body heats up the immune system in case of a cold, etc.

And for daily care, I use Thymuscin Sclero discret cream, an ointment that has helped me a lot and continues to do so. It has relieved me of the itching attacks, made my skin supple and regenerated it. There are long periods when I am free of itching and pain after many years of suffering. They are also very open-minded when it comes to questions and take the customer's concerns into account.

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I am very satisfied with this great product without any harmful substances like parabens. Every woman should try it. My tube is running low now and I will need a refill soon because it is an essential part of my daily care.

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